Portrait Series: In Bloom with RIkki by Moriartie

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I fell in love with the Mt. Airy Arboretum so much, I went back out a week later with Rikki and fell in love with the flowers all over again! Rikki is one of my favorite models to work with, she and I are always on the same page. When I see something she’s always able to finish and complete my vision. Is this what you’d call a muse?

Here are my favorites, You can see the whole album on my Facebook page.


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Adventures With Spokhette #25: Night and Day Photography by Moriartie

 Hey Gang!

  I had the opportunity to go out with Bri last week. We photographed during the day at a lake in Mason, and then at Night in the Gazebo and Eden Park. I very rarely get to photograph at night, so I was so excited to take up this opportunity. The difference between these photos are literally day and night, there’s a difference in location, but the same exact outfit and props were used. I thought it would be fun to show you a few of my favorites. 

Do you have a favorite time during the day, or night that you like to shoot? 

This was my first time at night and I loved it!

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