hodge podge

Details: 6.3.19 by Moriartie

Hello There!

I have so many pictures that don’t fit into a photo shoot, that I have been wanting to show off, so welcome to a new series. Details, one off photos, that I loved and edited, while on my travels around the city, or in between shoots, or even out takes from shoots that I still love even though they didn’t make the original cut.


I recently purchased a Fujifilm XT20, and I have fallen in love with the ease of use, and the size of it! It’s so SMALL! It fits perfectly in my daily bag, even with a 35mm, and an adapter on it! Which has been making it so much easier to shoot whenever I feel the need, instead of having to set up shoots, and then wait for the day, I‘m not a very patient person, and it will also help with the increase of content that I’ve been wanting to share with you.


My adventures took me to a few places. Jungle Jims, which I love photographing in there, every time I go there’s something new to photograph. I came home to a new cat on my porch. It’s been around a few times, but it always gets scared and runs away so I haven’t gotten the chance to interact with it. It has to be new to the neighborhood, because all the cats know that my home is a safe place.

There’s even a little alcove on my porch that they can hang out in, and there’s always a bowl of food and water for them. My job had a flag raising ceremony for Pride Month, which I loved, I missed the ceremony but was able to capture some awesome shots of the new flag flowing in the wind. When I was done admiring that, I realized there were adorable flowers underneath the flagpole that I just had to capture.

Until Next Time,

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