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Let's Explore: Ladies Group Shoot by Moriartie


Hi There!

I had such an awesome opportunity last Sunday! I was invited to photograph in a group shoot in Lexington Kentucky! I had never been part of a group shoot before so it definitely came with a learning curve, but I enjoyed it so much! 5 Photographers, 8 models, walking up and down the urban streets of Lexingtons urban center and photographing was the best experience~


I worked with models I had never encountered before, and it was really good for the nervousness I have when I meet new people, especially to photograph them. I get so anxious talking to new people, which is why I generally don’t photograph street scenes, but this group outing definitely helped me break out of my shell.


I worked with Ivy, Ashley, Indy, Megan, Dani and Tonie and I had such a blast! Each model was different full of energy and their own unique vibes which was soo good!~ I loved working with people I hadn’t worked with before AND not going to lie, them crushing over my back of camera unedited photos were definitely an ego boost I enjoyed. In fact, this shoot is finally what pushed me to start charging for my work, and to open up my portfolio for booking.


The group shoot was put together by the wonderful Erin! I can’t wait to work with her again soon!

Until Next Time,


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