Film Session: Angles with C.K. by Moriartie

Hi There!

New Obsession Alert! I had some issues using my sony about a month ago, and wound up having to photograph a set on film! I was so nervous about how they were going to turn out because I’d never photographed another human on film before, but they came out so amazing that now I must do more! I took C.K. to the Mt. Airy Arboretum and made magic! I loved shooting on film so much, that I went and bought 15 packs of Lomography’s Lomocrome in Purple to use for the next couple of sessions.


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Developed #5 by Moriartie

Hello There!

 This was the first roll I started to attempt to photograph people along with my buildings. I am still way too new, and worried about getting yelled at to take really good street photography of people but I’ll get there eventually. 

 I was pretty excited about how dark the church steeple photo came out, i know you can’t necessarily tell what it is, but it’s a lot more creative than the rest of the photos, and this is why I love film! You can get so many crazy unique things organically, instead of afterwards in editing. 

 I love photographing the churches in my area because they are just so majestic and regal and other than people they are definitely one of my favorite things to shoot. 

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~ Gabriella~

Developed #4 by Moriartie


  I’m so in love with Film. Here are some more photos I took on 400 iso Kodak Gold!

 I took all of these, while dropping off a package to Amazon. I very rarely make it near downtown or college town, so I definitely wanted to take advantage of being there. I finally bit the bullet and started taking a class to learn lightroom and its so much fun! I don’t know why I waited so long, my pictures look so good! I’m really in love with the pink/purple violets here? The picture came out really dark, but I was able to raise the brightness on the flowers and now it looks super moody and awesome. 

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~ Gabriella ~

Developed #3 by Moriartie


  I’m starting to get the hang of this updating two blogs semi often thing. I’m talking about more film prints! Here are a few of my favorites. 

 This particular session was filled with architechture as usual. The first photo is one of my favorites, because the house reminds me of hobbiton. It makes my nerdy heart happy. I have been drooling over the third picture, becuase it is a boarded up abandoned house that you can see from the highway, and I’ve been wanting to pull over and photograph it for a really long time, and I finally got the opportunity to do so. 

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Developed #2 by Moriartie


  It’s been a while, life kind of had other ideas for my time, Today, i’m going to be talking about a few of the film prints I’ve taken since May. Which was my last post. Here are some of my favorites.

 Due to a traffic jam, I had to take a different new way to work and I just found so many interesting pieces of architecture. The very first shot, is Q, my best friends little boy, and he is the most precious thing ever! I was so happy to be able to capture him on film. 

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