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Portrait Series: Or Whatever Stevie Said with Cayce by Moriartie

Hey There!

I was able to shoot on Tuesday and I had so much fun I didn’t know what to do with myself. Not only was the model an absolute pleasure to work with, but we braved an abandoned building together! We wandered through Eden Park, hoping for flowers, and such, but we didn’t really find anything to shoot in until we got closer to the conservatory, I really want to visit it sometime.

Here are a few of my favorites! Check out the whole gallery on Facebook!


I had such a blast working with Cayce, I know we will be linking up again in the future!

Until Next Time,

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Details: 6.7.19 by Moriartie

Hello there!

I fell in love with how last weeks’ details went and decided to do it again. I have a bad habit of saying “Oh this will be a series” , and then I never actually come back to it. I thought it would be easy to keep up with this series, because I’m so easily distracted that I am constantly taking photos of everything I see, including my model, I was sure I would have content, and it turns out that I do!

I had the best opportunity the other day! I got to work with a new model! Thats the best, when you love your work, and find out that someone else does too? I’m not sure that there is a better feeling than that. We took a romp through Eden Park, and discovered that the historical Water Works that is always locked, was mysteriously unlocked, and well… How could we pass up the opportunity? I even filmed us traipsing through in true Blair Witch Fashion.

Cayce and I wandered through the building, avoiding any holes in the floor we could have fallen through, I gave my mother a heart attack, but the feeling of anticipation and trepidation I felt walking through it myself, was so much more than that, It was an absolute blast! I totally see why Dainty Squid is always off to some new place to explore.


Cayce and I were walking back when I realized what an amazing angle the gazebo was from eye level and took the photo of that roof. When I was editing her set, I decided to play around with it, I left it the way it was, edited the way Lightroom wanted, and then did a black and white one. I honestly can’t decide which one I liked the best, So I included them all.


Have you gone through Eden Park before? Dooo it! If you haven’t, it’s beautiful!

Until Next Time,

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