June is Pride Month

Details: 6.3.19 by Moriartie

Hello There!

I have so many pictures that don’t fit into a photo shoot, that I have been wanting to show off, so welcome to a new series. Details, one off photos, that I loved and edited, while on my travels around the city, or in between shoots, or even out takes from shoots that I still love even though they didn’t make the original cut.


I recently purchased a Fujifilm XT20, and I have fallen in love with the ease of use, and the size of it! It’s so SMALL! It fits perfectly in my daily bag, even with a 35mm, and an adapter on it! Which has been making it so much easier to shoot whenever I feel the need, instead of having to set up shoots, and then wait for the day, I‘m not a very patient person, and it will also help with the increase of content that I’ve been wanting to share with you.


My adventures took me to a few places. Jungle Jims, which I love photographing in there, every time I go there’s something new to photograph. I came home to a new cat on my porch. It’s been around a few times, but it always gets scared and runs away so I haven’t gotten the chance to interact with it. It has to be new to the neighborhood, because all the cats know that my home is a safe place.

There’s even a little alcove on my porch that they can hang out in, and there’s always a bowl of food and water for them. My job had a flag raising ceremony for Pride Month, which I loved, I missed the ceremony but was able to capture some awesome shots of the new flag flowing in the wind. When I was done admiring that, I realized there were adorable flowers underneath the flagpole that I just had to capture.

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Adventures W/Spokhette #26: Covington Pride by Moriartie

Hi Gang!

  June is Pride Month! Although, I try to celebrate LGBTQA’s, everyday including myself, I have actually never attended a pride parade. I knew I was going to be stuck working during the Cincinnati Pride, so I decided to hop over the river and visit Covington’s. Originally, I thought I would just hop into the parade but once I got there and saw all the people that I didn’t know, I decided that I would just get some great shots! 

 I filmed the entire thing, including me getting lost and then just happening upon the front of the parade, but I’ll just put pictures in this post, and I’ll upload the video to youtube later. I’ve already got a video set up for this week, so it might be next week. 

 Here are a couple of my favorite shots. I’ll be posting more of them on the photography blog and in my portfolio so make sure you check it out!!

Have you ever been to pride?! Give me your tips on Twitter!

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