Film Session: Purple with C.K. by Moriartie


Hey There!

I didn’t have any trouble getting my film developed this time! So the phoeos came back super quick. I shot one regular roll of 200 Experia color negative, and then one roll of Lomography PurpleChrome, which I have absolutely fallen in love with. It turns any kind of foilage purple, and with the 60’s bad ass women vibe C.K. was giving me I just absolutely fell in love with these photos.

Below are my favorites, but visit my facebook page for the entire shoot!


Have you shot any film lately?

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Developed #1 by Moriartie


 I had a rather productive two weeks of film photography and had five rolls of film to turn in. I love scanning in the prints so I can have copies in case something happens. I want to use the blog to show off my film work. I don’t really get to do a lot with it, since it’s just a hobby, but I love how some of them turn out so that’s what these posts will be about. 

 Here are a couple of my favorites. I shoot with a Pentax K1000 and 35mm lens, I have a 50 mm lens coming which I am OH so excited about! I’m hoping to do portraits with that one. I’ve put out a call for film portraits so hopefully someone will answer. 

 I’m going shooting this weekend with my friend Sheneal, so hopefully, I’ll be able to get through a couple of rolls of film on our adventure! 

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