Portrait Session: Bad Reputation with C.K. Machete by Moriartie

Hi THere!

I finally got around to going back out and photographing CK, she and I both have wild work schedules and its really hard to link up! So we’ll schedule something, and then we’ll reschedule something and then we’ll reschedule it again, but nothing happened for our Friday adventure to be canceled, and thus we met up on a super hot day and wandered through the riverfront of Covington.


The Women’s Group Shoot I went too last month has really inspired my tastes when it comes to my photography. I had never wandered through a city and taken pictures that way. I always shoot in a park or a single location. You have so much freedom when you shoot on the street, you can just keep walking until you find something else, and now I am addicted!


This shoot was my first city shoot since Lexington, but I had so much fun that it definitely is going to become a staple. The last time I shot with CK, I did film and it turned out so well I had to do it again! So I shot half on digital and half on two rolls of film. I had a roll of xperia and a roll of Lomochrome Purple. I’m most excited to see how the Purple is going to turn out~!


Do you photograph your city? What are some of your favorite places?

Until Next Time,


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