Film Session: Purple with C.K. by Moriartie


Hey There!

I didn’t have any trouble getting my film developed this time! So the phoeos came back super quick. I shot one regular roll of 200 Experia color negative, and then one roll of Lomography PurpleChrome, which I have absolutely fallen in love with. It turns any kind of foilage purple, and with the 60’s bad ass women vibe C.K. was giving me I just absolutely fell in love with these photos.

Below are my favorites, but visit my facebook page for the entire shoot!


Have you shot any film lately?

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Film Session: Angles with C.K. by Moriartie

Hi There!

New Obsession Alert! I had some issues using my sony about a month ago, and wound up having to photograph a set on film! I was so nervous about how they were going to turn out because I’d never photographed another human on film before, but they came out so amazing that now I must do more! I took C.K. to the Mt. Airy Arboretum and made magic! I loved shooting on film so much, that I went and bought 15 packs of Lomography’s Lomocrome in Purple to use for the next couple of sessions.


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Portrait Series: Down by The River by Moriartie


Meet My friend Sheneal. She is a great portrait photographer. I want to get on her level. So she let me photograph her near the river a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been wanting to get more practice in photographing people, so we met up at Riverside park in Kentucky and wandered around in the cold.

We must have had the same idea, because we were dressed similarly. Which actually made it easy for me to practice poses that I’d done with myself on other people, which is always a fun experience.

We wandered around the riverbank and ran into some interesting people which we photographed, photos of them in another post, and had a blast. These were done with my Canon. I can’t wait to post some pictures from my Sony.

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X Gabriella