Portrait Series: But Make It Fashion with Kylee and Jordan by Moriartie

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I really have been pushing the envelope of my comfort zone lately. I haven’t photographed models under 18 since I worked for Lifetouch, and let me just tell you that photographing children can be super stressful. Not only do you need to make sure that the pose is appropriate but also that you are keeping their attention or you won’t get the shot as well ass making sure it isn’t blurry because all they do is move!


Now granted the next ladies to bless the blog aren’t that young, but they are underage, giving me a different mind set to my photography than before. Not only do I need to make sure that they look good, but also that the pose isn’t too adult, and with their parents there that can be so stressful You never know whats too much for one person and whats not enough for another. That’s why communication is so important, and it works for any age.


I was asked to photograph a high school senior and her best friend, it was definitely the first time I’d ever done senior photos but I had such a blast. The photos came out even better than I expected and it was such an awesome feeling to know that they also not only enjoyed the photos but also the experience.


Have you ever done senior photos? Leave your advice below!

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X Gabriella X

Boudoir Session: Sweet Spot with Voodoo Nebula by Moriartie

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A few months ago, I got the awesome opportunity to shoot an exclusive set for Voodoo Nebula! A super talented tattoo artist and Model both for and outside of Suicidegirls! As, I am always saying, I absolutely love shooting boudoir. It really is my favorite thing to take part in. There’s just something so awesome about the experience, and I wish I could take part in it every day.


I took these in horrible light at night, and I can’t believe how awesome they turned out~! I shot these on my Sony and when I tell you that full frame is everything, I am not lying! You should definitely check it out if you can!


Do you shoot boudoir? What’s your favorite style of photography?

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Portrait Series: Or Whatever Stevie Said with Cayce by Moriartie

Hey There!

I was able to shoot on Tuesday and I had so much fun I didn’t know what to do with myself. Not only was the model an absolute pleasure to work with, but we braved an abandoned building together! We wandered through Eden Park, hoping for flowers, and such, but we didn’t really find anything to shoot in until we got closer to the conservatory, I really want to visit it sometime.

Here are a few of my favorites! Check out the whole gallery on Facebook!


I had such a blast working with Cayce, I know we will be linking up again in the future!

Until Next Time,

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Portrait Series: In Bloom with RIkki by Moriartie

Hey There!

I fell in love with the Mt. Airy Arboretum so much, I went back out a week later with Rikki and fell in love with the flowers all over again! Rikki is one of my favorite models to work with, she and I are always on the same page. When I see something she’s always able to finish and complete my vision. Is this what you’d call a muse?

Here are my favorites, You can see the whole album on my Facebook page.


Until Next Time,

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Portrait Series: Storm Goddess with Rikki by Moriartie

Hey There!

I’m always up for adventuring somewhere new! The other day I got the opportunity to wander around the downtown of my city. I’m always driving through it but I have never had the opportunity to wander through and take my time exploring it. Thankfully, I was able to do that with Rikki last week! There were so many concepts, ideas and locations popping out at me that we wandered around for almost three hours without realizing it!

Here are a few of my favorites, you can see the full album on Facebook!


Portrait Series: Spring Goddess with RIkki by Moriartie

Hey There!

A couple of weeks ago I got to wander around Spring Grove Cemetery with Rikki at the height of our beautiful spring weather and I was not at all disappointed. Everything was in bloom, and I was overcome with the beauty of the flowers and the beautiful landscape. I had no idea how big Spring Grove Cemetery was! It’s going to take several trips before I can confidently say I’ve seen the whole thing!

Here are my favorites from this shoot!


I had really strong botany and Pamela Isely Vibes while shooting this, and decided that I’ve fallen in love with this look. Beautiful strong women of color with Flowers, blossoms and foilage as beautiful as they are.


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Portrait Series: Persephone Rises with Rikki by Moriartie

Hello There!


I’m back with a fresh new shoot! The beautiful Cincinnati weather was nice, the sun was shining and I was absolutely itching to get some photography in. So I called up RIkki and I said, Grab the closest outfit you’ve got to the Muses from Hercules and meet me in Clifton and the rest as they say was history. She showed up looking a Greek Goddess awakening for Spring and I am so in love with these photos.


I always have such a blast shooting with Rikki, and I can’t wait to do some more! I have so many concepts in my head and I just don’t have enough time to get them out! I’ve also been itching to shoot some more film portraits so that is my next step.

Are you excited about the warm weather?


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Portrait Series: Down by The River by Moriartie


Meet My friend Sheneal. She is a great portrait photographer. I want to get on her level. So she let me photograph her near the river a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been wanting to get more practice in photographing people, so we met up at Riverside park in Kentucky and wandered around in the cold.

We must have had the same idea, because we were dressed similarly. Which actually made it easy for me to practice poses that I’d done with myself on other people, which is always a fun experience.

We wandered around the riverbank and ran into some interesting people which we photographed, photos of them in another post, and had a blast. These were done with my Canon. I can’t wait to post some pictures from my Sony.

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X Gabriella