A Brand New Year. / by Moriartie


  I just realized that I did not write a single post all year. This is terrible. I’ve never failed at blogging so terribly before. What better way to fix it than to talk about what I want to do in 2018?

- I want to shoot something new at least once a week. 

- I want to scan my Film prints in and blog about them here. 

- I want to start working on this secret project that I’ve been dreaming about since leaving college.

- I want to experiment more and more with photography this year. 

 One of the biggest things I want for 2018 is to just do more with my cameras. I want to get out of the house more. I want to experiment. I want to just do more. I want to focus on different types of photography especially portaiture of people I don’t know.  One of the biggest fears for me is that I am so nervous talking to people I don’t know. Walking up to someone and asking if I can take a picture of them is like the scariest thing imaginable, but I am determined to over come my fears. 

  I’m so excited about the new year.