Portrait Series: Rhythm of the Night with Kelsey / by Moriartie

Hey There!

I shot at night a couple of days ago and I had such a blast. Photography has introduced me to so many different ways to create and network with other creatives in my city. I really do love it so! I had the awesome opportunity to photograph with Kelsey two times in a row! Once during the day and once during the night! For this excursion we wandered around a distillery and its surrounding area at night because it was covered in lights that I just knew would be awesome for the shots I was trying to take.


Luckily, we wandered around and found an empty floor of a building that was being remodelled and the only light in the area was this color changing strobe, which of course I loved! I was so excited to get Kelsey in front of it and I just absolutely love with you think of something and then when you try to bring it to life it actually happens? That’s definitely the most rewarding part about photograph for me.


Where have you explored lately?

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