Portrait Series: But Make It Fashion with Kylee and Jordan / by Moriartie

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I really have been pushing the envelope of my comfort zone lately. I haven’t photographed models under 18 since I worked for Lifetouch, and let me just tell you that photographing children can be super stressful. Not only do you need to make sure that the pose is appropriate but also that you are keeping their attention or you won’t get the shot as well ass making sure it isn’t blurry because all they do is move!


Now granted the next ladies to bless the blog aren’t that young, but they are underage, giving me a different mind set to my photography than before. Not only do I need to make sure that they look good, but also that the pose isn’t too adult, and with their parents there that can be so stressful You never know whats too much for one person and whats not enough for another. That’s why communication is so important, and it works for any age.


I was asked to photograph a high school senior and her best friend, it was definitely the first time I’d ever done senior photos but I had such a blast. The photos came out even better than I expected and it was such an awesome feeling to know that they also not only enjoyed the photos but also the experience.


Have you ever done senior photos? Leave your advice below!

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